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    E93 335i parts for sale - Scrap

    `Typing this with a heavy heart. E93 335i till mid July 2018. Will be sent to the scrapyard within the next 1 month if there are no buyers for the car. Parts to be sold (attached photos): - Forge Motorsports Diverter Valve - (SGD150 without swap) - Catless Downpipe - SOLD - All black front...
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    Slowly staring to De-Kit E93 335i N54

    Hi guys, I'm slowly selling off and dekitting my car due to scrap soon in the next 6 months. Model E93 335i N54 Engine Please do feel free to let me know the price you would like to deal at. 1) Koni FSD with H&R Lowering Springs - SGD1300 (With Swap to Stock) Really great for daily use as it...