1. limmey

    WTS car registration number

    SNR80H - SOLD SNR4444R - $4,800 SNR8668K - $2,200 Above VRN are newly bidded and Unregistered. LTA validity until 2 Apr 2025. I'm not a dealer just a car owner that got lucky with too many successful bids. So now I just want to recover my money. There are professional agents who can transfer...
  2. kk5577

    WTS: Auspicious Number Plate

    Dear bros & sis, I've retained a set of very nice & auspicious car plate number but decided not to get a 2nd car. Hence putting up for sale for grab... SF*1088D Looking at $6888 (I bidded this number, so letting go with no profit). Open for nego as I don't want this nice no. to go to waste...
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