1. STR8SIX

    WTS: E90 LCI 325i (N52) Gruppe M, Eisenmann & Strut Bar

    Planning to sell car away soon hence dekitting. 1) Gruppe M Intake for N52 for all E9x (need to swop with your original air box, labour on buyer) - S$600 2) Eisenmann Sport (B5334-39-T), LTA approved rear muffler (twin pipes, 2 x 76mm), comes with LTA paperwork and original receipt (from KBS...
  2. JoshuaX

    WTB Gruppe M Intake / BMW Performance Intake (e90 320i)

    As above, those bros scrapping your rides already, please give a chance for your beautiful intake to carry on it's life. I promise to wipe it clean every week, recite poetry, love it and rev it till a baby intake pipe comes out. :dance: Or journey will be epic- it will be fit for a timeless...