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    WTS JB4 N20 with bluetooth Latest Version Selling CHEAP!

    Adds up to 40bhp on stock car BMW N20 JB4 Latest Version with canbus control. Comes with Bluetooth Kit Brand new costs $1200+ Free installation. Only for electric wastegate models (e.g. 428i etc) Selling at $600 nett! My loss your gain.
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    Slowly staring to De-Kit E93 335i N54

    Hi guys, I'm slowly selling off and dekitting my car due to scrap soon in the next 6 months. Model E93 335i N54 Engine Please do feel free to let me know the price you would like to deal at. 1) Koni FSD with H&R Lowering Springs - SGD1300 (With Swap to Stock) Really great for daily use as it...