1. J

    WTB: E92 M3

    Hello all, anyone looking to let go of their beloved E92 M3 kindly PM me thank you! :-)
  2. A

    WTB/LF second hand or new M3 E92 akrapovic slip-on exhaust or other aftermarket exhust

    WTB/LF second hand or new M3 E92 akrapovic slip-on exhaust. Want my M3 to play a different tune. HMU if u have any offers or can deal. New to this community it would also be great if could get some advice about aftermarket exhausts.
  3. C

    WTB e92 M3 Akrapovic Exhaust

    As above. Ti or CF also can. Slip on / Full Evo ... Thanks for reading.
  4. C

    WTS: Used E92 M3 M Performance Exhaust (with cert fr. Munich)

    As per above subject title. Letting go at 3k flat. Installation and recertification (due to chassis change) to be borne by buyer. Interested parties can pm here.
  5. C

    Opinon: E92 M3 Akra Slip On and MPE

    Hi, Would like to seek an opinion purely in terms of price for a used Akra slip on MPE. Assuming both are of about the same conditions and not factoring in aspects such as looks, sounds etc (since these are subjective from driver to driver), which one would be more expensive and by how much...
  6. C

    E92 M3 Akra Slip on and MPE

    Hi all, Would like to enquire on the above topic as I get quite mixed responses. If I am in the market for used exhaust and its either the Akra Slip-On or the MPE , what kind of price difference am I looking at? Am looking purely at the cost aspect as everything else is pretty...
  7. Dxrrylc


    Akrapovic Slip-on exhaust - $3,500 (nuff said, famous exhaust for E92 m3.) BC Forged RZ053 1 piece forged 19" with Michelin PSS 275/30/19 front, 305/30/19 rear (95% life, just changed) - $4000 (Customized lightweight forged wheels at your gain, my loss. With New Tyres.) Downforce USA CF Side...