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  2. Bags4queen

    WTS 27 Oct 2007 E66 108k km

    WTS 27 Oct 2007 E66 01 transfer Mileage 108000 km Dark blue For those who wants to renew COE for this baby. Photos will follow soon.
  3. C

    E66 3 Spoke BMW sport steering wheel for sale

    Used for about 4 years, car sold 2+ years ago. Car feels and drives much better than the std 4 spoke wheel. Comes with center cap/airbag. $600.
  4. S

    wtb E66 730Li parts

    Hi bros and sis who drives e66 730li, if your car COE is expiring soon and don't intend to renew COE i'm looking for a few parts: 1) e66 730li - headlight in clear condition 1 pair 2) e66 730li - original exhaust catalytic converter (no foul smell) 3) any rims except stock rims all items will...