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    e36 owners out there?

    Hi guys, Haven't came on this site for a while (actually it's my first since it moved). :) I wondering how many e36 owners are still out there? I remember there was a poll in the old website. Once in a blue moon I still see a nice e36 on the street. So glad there are still survivors out...
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    WTS: E36 325i 1991

    Hi All, I am letting go of my 1991 E36 325i (COE until 03/2019). My reason for selling is that the car is starting to have some minor issues (eg; oil leak) and as I do not have the intention to extend its COE, that is why I did not want to spend the money to repair it. The reason for me not...
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    BMW E36 320I Coupe

    Hi guys, Just bought a used e36 coupe and would like your advice on which workshop/mechanic I could go to? Would like to replace the whole cooling system (radiator, water pump etc) for peace of mind. Also Power steering lines and check for rust on the chassis. Does anybody know someone that...