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    Hi from Ramu, Singapore

    Hi All, I live in Singapore and currently I own a 2013 BMW 520i. Originally owned a Daihatsu Charade in the 80's followed by a Seat Malaga and a Honda Civic in the 90's. Drove a Toyota Camry from 2003, before switching to a 2007 BMW 520i in 2013. Acquired the 2013 520i in 2018. I generally DIY...
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    Cylinder Head Replacement DIY

    I DIYed my 520i's plastic Cylinder Head Cover two weekends ago, due to the usual oil leaks draining onto the exhaust manifold and burning up on startup. Took me about 8 hours in total. The new cylinder head cover and new oil cap cost me about $485. In hindsight, I should have just replaced the...