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  1. T

    Buying e93 335i COE car

    Hi guys, I'm considering of buying a 10years old 335i convertible. This is heavy decision, as once committed I have to drive it for 10 years. I've owned and changed many cars in the past, none of them last me more than 5 years. Buying a COE car would be different, don't think it is able to sell...
  2. S

    Wtb good condition e90 or 3 series convertible for scrapping

    Looking to buy body for scrapping. Thanks
  3. kk5577

    Smart Top

    hi bros & sis, May I know where & how much to install Smart Top for e93? Is it a physical module/gadget dat is transferrable or juz coding? I was caught in de rain (so malu!) at a traffic junction when it started raining suddenly! Pls advice?