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bbk brembo

  1. E

    F30 dekit 19’’ breyton rim and brembo bbk

    Breyton fascinate 19’’staggered Matt black Pcd5x120 Come with back PS4S 275/35/R19 Front PZero 235/35/R19 Swap required Brembo 18z 6pot bbk Come with 380mm rotor Cash and carry Pay own labour whatapp 85158077
  2. M

    WTS: BMW E60 Brembo bbk full set

    - full set front and back - require swap with stock working condition - brakes and pads Available from 4th April onwards
  3. donaldho

    WTS- Dekitting E63/ E60

    1) Vorsteiner carbon fibre Bonnet for E63/E64- $1,000 (need to swap) SOLD 2) Brembo BBK front 6 pots and rear 4 pots- $5,000 (E63/E64 or E60) SOLD 3) Supersprint Exhaust with LTA approved cert- $600 (E63/E64) SOLD 4) Front LED indicator lights- $400 (E63/E64) SOLD 5) M6 side skirts- $600...