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    anyone scrapping 630CI/I or 650I? ( maybe M series)

    Hi all, I am local and I am looking to buy 630CI/I or 650I scrapping car body for own use at my destination. if i am lucky enough, i maybe eye on any BMW M (3, 5, 6 series) :) FYI: I am not a dealer or exporter. rather individual genuinely looking as i am relocating to take advantage of the...
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    Dekitting BMW LCI E60/63

    Dear All, Trading in my E60 in a few months time and it's a full M5 conversion. Colour of Car: Black Will start selling the items slowly. Remus Quad exhaust, bought first hand from FK at 2.4k. It is the new model with CF tip that cost more. Selling price: $1100.00 with swap. $1500.00 wit...
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