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    Engine Control Unit question

    Hi everyone, i have a 3 series on hand with transmission problem. went to workshop A and workshop said there was an issue with the Engine Control Unit hence require replacement. at the same time they loan me a temp Engine Control Unit. but when i got to workshop B, they said workshop A has...
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    Drivetrain malfunction

    Hey guys I have a 2014 335i m sport manual and recently I had a drivetrain malfunction where it made my car run horrible and waste gas I ended up changing all injectors( as well as coding them), spark plugs(at proper gap and torque) and new coil packs the car runs good again which no check in...
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    Wts Items for F30 Bmw

    1. TMC Tuning Kit for N55 -$300 2. Groovy Sunshades (4pieces) for F30 316,320,328,335 - $120 3. Paddle Shift for F30 Stock wheel -$40 4.Bmw Advanced Eye Camera - $280 Please whatsapp me @91770981 if keen. Collection at Yishun area
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    Looking For E46 Meter Cluster (whole set) (NL42)

    Hi guys, I am looking for e46 meter cluster for my e46.currently my meter cluster is not working, its lead to my air Cond not working. I prefer old and new. Thanks