1. I

    WTS/WTT 19 inch Forgestar CF5V Rims

    Hi all, looking to sell my Forgestar CF5V rims. Currently on my bmw e92. 19inch, 5x120, 19x10j and 19x9.5j. Currently with Bridgestone potenza s007a tyres, staggered profile of 245/35/19 and 265/30/19. Will need swap, looking to downsize to 18inch. Interested do contact me at 87278487.
  2. T|NT|N

    WTB BMW 4 series G22 797M 19inch Wheels

    Hi, I am looking for new 4 series 19inch OEM BMW wheels. if you are selling, please PM me. Thank you.
  3. C

    WTS bmw 19 inch FIRESALE

    -4 pieces used BMW 19 inch rims and tyres for M3 F80 / M4 F82 (should be replica) -Asking $1200 cash and carry. Item off car -FIRESALE take it & go -255/35 and 275/35 -Rims used for 3 years with some minor scratches -Tyres used probably left 20% -Ideal for someone using it for trade in / selling...