[Video] The Perfect Michelin Tires for the New BMW M3 and M4

It only fits that modern performance cars wear the same high-performing tires to support their power and agility. Therefore, BMW ensured that the new BMW M3 and M4 take the best tires they could wear. This video features the perfect Michelin tires for the ultimate BMW performance cars.

Carmakers work closely with their tire manufacturers to ensure that the tires fit their creations. Manufacturers also engineer the tires’ rubbers to match the car’s engine and suspension. And the M Division assured that Michelin brought out the most fitted tires for the new Bimmers. These specific tires can withstand the power of the new BMW M3 and M4. And these Michelin-made tires can also improve the cars’ performance.

BMW M features the perfect Michelin tires for the new M3 and M4 in comparison with previous gen-cars. Noticeably, you can spot the size difference first. The F80 M3 wears a 235/35/19 tire. On the other hand, the new G80 M3 sports an enormous 275/35/19 tire. Seeing these tires next to each other would reveal the remarkable size difference.

BMW also made changes in the tire sizes from the front to the rear. The front tires have a smaller wheel but with a taller sidewall. It also has a narrower size compared to the rear tires. BMW tuned the front wheels to offer a better balance between comfort and tight grip. Wider tires with shorter sidewalls and larger wheels support the rear. BMW explained that these rear tires offer better “oblique running stiffness.”

Interestingly, BMW even offers genuine track tires as standard for the new BMW M3 and M4. Before, only a handful of M cars offer these track tires. These M cars include M3/M4 CS, M4 GTS, and M2 CS. Check out the video to know more about these perfect Michelin-tires especially made for your new M3 and M4.

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