[Video] Savagegeese reviews the newly facelifted BMW M5 Competition

The new BMW M5 Competition has been launched for quite a while in the market. We’ve also seen some of its highlights before. But, in this video feature are the guys from Savagegeese. They intend to take us closer and deeper into the highly-praised facelifted M5. This will get so interesting. The guys are famous for being straightforward or “savage” about their reviews. Yes, even on some of the best BMWs in the past.

But, in reality, some things are just hard to ignore. For one, many fans feared that as part of the facelift, the M5 would get a huge grille upfront like its younger brothers. Fortunately, BMW kept it classy and conservative, and fans were really happy about it. That’s what makes the LCI F90 M5 one of the best-looking models in the range today. Similarly, the M5 interior received a cold response when first introduced, but it definitely looks like it will withstand the test of time better than many other models.

Not a lot has changed in the technical section, though. Sure, it had a few tweaks here and there, but definitely not as much as on the design. For starters, the LCI BMW M5 Competition suspension improved and upgraded to new dampers and springs. For its damping action, BMW aims to make the M5 a bit more comfortable. According to Savagegeese, they got the job done.

As usual, the end review brings us the things they didn’t like. According to them, the M5 Competition is not necessarily a car you think about or look back at after you parked it. Meaning, its refinement and close to perfect character and machine just bore you to a certain degree. Its performance is undeniably great, but without the flaws, it just becomes a bit too good to linger in your head. To top the savageness of it all, their verdict is that it is the ‘most soulless vehicle’ they have ever driven. What do you think about it?

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