[VIDEO] Never Before Seen F87 BMW M2 CSL

BMW M released a video of a never before seen F87 BMW M2 CSL. This is an interesting revelation as the M2 CSL almost entered production.

Over the years, BMW has revealed its top-secret CSL. These bimmers were produced as one-off prototypes only. BMW never meant for these prototypes to become any more than that. We already say the E46 M3 CSL V8 and the E60 M5 CSL. BMW even released the M6 CSL in their previous videos. Now, BMW reveals a never before seen M2 CSL.

Interestingly, unlike other models, the F87 BMW M2 CSL almost started production. BMW built this CSL when the OG M2 was transitioning to the M2 Competition. The M Division was planning a special edition for the M2 at the time.

They presented two choices for the board to choose from. These choices are the BMW M2 CS or the M2 CSL. As we all know, the board chose the BMW M2 CS. nevertheless, it was a good decision since the BMW M2 CS is near perfection.

As seen in the video, the M2 CSL adopted a lot of things from the M4 GTS. For example, it has large wings and a roll cage. The rear wing had 3D-printed mounting arms, making it look unique. This design gives strength and material only where necessary. Indeed, it looks powerful and cool.

Another remarkable thing about the M2 CSL is its N55 engine. This is an old engine that comes from the OG M2. Even though BMW did not reveal this in the video, it is obvious under the hood.

Of course, the M2 CSL is a cool “what if” model in the lineup. However, the board really made the right choice on the M2 CS. Check out the video and tell us what you think about the BMW M2 CSL.

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