[Video] Enhancing the G80 BMW M3 Competition Grilles

If you’re tuning in at BMW news for the past year, you probably know they brought us the latest M3 with its incredibly massive grilles. Many have already tried driving it, and reports say it’s terrific. It’s that great in action that you’d think it’s worth buying even if the grille isn’t your cup of tea. Joe Achilles, a YouTuber, actually bought the BMW M3 Competition and seems to be enjoying the car quite a bit. Poking fun at its controversial grille, he matched it with a customized license plate. Besides being controversial, the grille also shows a bit of flaw over time.

He mentioned in the video that the lower part of the grille is completely exposed, enabling maximum airflow to the radiators. Then again, those wide-open exposure comes vulnerable to rocks and debris. It may cause apparent damages once it gets into the grille and the radiator. To resolve that, Achilles had his unit installed with wire mesh behind the grilles at the bottom. In that way, it can prevent some of the debris that might try and enter at high speed.

However, thinking about it now, it looks like there’s a good reason BMW doesn’t install such mesh from the factory. In actuality, it’s not going to be a 100-percent fix. While the installed mesh will keep the tiny pebbles and stones away from entering, dangerous rocks might slam into the radiator fins during blistering speeds the M3 can perform. You’d also think why BMW didn’t install a mesh of some sort on the back side of the grilles.

Achilles even took his car to the Petrolhead Tour in Spain. Putting a stack of miles on his G80 BMW M3 Competition only proves his car is beyond the limits of Instagram aesthetics. It’s a brilliant driver’s car, and it should be a blast on such a trip.

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