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[Video] Can a Minor Redesign of the BMW XM Fix It?

The new BMW XM is receiving harsh criticism from brand enthusiasts, as with most new BMW designs. This is evident, particularly those from the M Division. However, as seen in this new video by The Sketch Monkey, it might not be as awful of a design as some claim. And it could be improved with only a few straightforward adjustments.

But it doesn’t imply there aren’t any areas that could use improvement. Up front, the BMW XM is still incredibly busy. The bottom front fascia is a bit of a jumble, but the grilles are actually in good shape. Also, the split headlamps are now pretty much standard. Too many lines, going in too many different directions, are also evident. It looks a little cleaner even though it still resembles an XM with an X7’s chin. The XM’s clean look appears after he grafts on the lower front fascia from a BMW X7 and merges it.

Additionally, he straightens up some of the lines on the car’s side, particularly those close to the rear haunches and side skirt. But most crucially, he removes the ridiculous piece of trim that resembles the BMW XM’s window and shoulder trim. It’s such a bizarre design element that doesn’t improve the XM in any way, and it looks much better without it.

After a few straightforward adjustments, the BMW XM does appear significantly better overall when he’s through. It’s still not particularly attractive, and it weighs 6,000 pounds. However, it still shows a chance of being mended as it looked better.

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