[Video] BMW i4 M50 Poses As The Ultimate Electric M Model

It’s no question that the i4 M50 is one of the hottest cars in the BMW lineup. It’s not a surprise after all because it’s the first BMW electric car that will bear the glorious M badge. The specs and performance numbers look good as well. The only question that surrounds the electrified 4 Series Gran Coupe: can it live up to the high expectations?

In the meantime, BMW is working hard to get the word out about the project. And a teaser video can always do the trick. In this promotion, the Bavarians put together a video clip that tells us all we need to know about the i4 M50. However, the video seems to have an intriguing start, especially given its bold claims. For one, it says the i4 M50 has everything an M model should have, from agility to sound, aesthetics, and dynamics.

You read it right. It will have a distinct sound, developed by Hans Zimmer and Renzo Viale, despite being electric. And we were highly teased by the snippet sound in the video. If you listen carefully, it seems to resemble the sound of a V8 engine, but with an added electric twist to it. Not everything in the i4 M50 is smooth and perfect. Due to its electric nature, this car will still be somewhat hefty and may not meet your expectations.

In terms of its performance, well, you have to stay tuned until it gets featured! Besides that, the BMW i4 M50 looks decent and promising. It features some exciting perks, like having to customise it with 120 different shades of exterior paint. Other personalised options are carbon fibre package and various interior leather choices and trims. Play the video now to discover what more it has to offer.

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