[Video] 2021 M3 and M4 features new M Traction Control

Before the introduction of the new BMW M3 and M4 models, the Bavarian automaker already began a series of videos that highlight its technical features. This idea presents a better view of what goes on under the hood. All-new M3 and M4 models carry a redesigned traction control system. Named as M Traction Control, this system is developed to manage the driving character when things go out of hand.

With the latest versions, the M Traction Control brings a more intelligent system than its predecessor. According to the video, this system features six to eight times faster slippage response due to its new technologies.

To verify this, they showed a behaviour comparison between the new system and the old model on two different surfaces. As expected, the on-board electronics took down the power output on the slippery bit of metal. Then, this is the part where it gets exciting. Both systems reacted very differently once the cars reached a surface with better grip. The new M3 displayed a faster adjustment to the new surface, accelerating faster.

Furthermore, this generation of system also get to keep the MDM. In the video, they explained it so well as to why it is important. The MDM allows the rear end to slide courtesy of a more toned down behaviour from the DSC system. What we want is to have a system that reacts slower than usual, offering the driver the chance to respond as well. This also allows the driver to adjust the car’s trajectory by himself, not fully relying on the electronics.

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