Review – BMW 325i E92 Coupe

The new BMW 3 Series Coupe has been BMW’s latest model to run the streets
of Singapore since reaching our shores late last year. Dubbed as the E92, the
Coupe has since been on top of most of the local discussions and a healthy buzz
has since been generated over this sleek entrée into the blue propeller

Thankfully for us, we managed to get our hands (legally) on a BMW 325 Coupe
to appreciate its finer points. Surprisingly this particular Coupe changed a
few of my own perceptions over the earlier E46 2 door variants.

Firstly, this is a very distinctive BMW and clearly stands out from its sedan
counterpart. Sporting a much sleeker profile, thanks to the more aggressive
rear windscreen and elongated bonnet, the coupe seems to be streamlined with
a smooth, predatory appeal. Coupled with pumped wheel arches that are seamless
with its front and side profile, the coupe gives a sense of purpose and confidence
even when viewed from its side. Corona rings in the headlights accentuate that
this isn’t just any pretender without pose, even in the daytime.

It seems that the car was sculpted for a creative fusion of art and power,
and it shows very clearly with the play of lines, curves and light which change
and morph the light and its surrounding silhouette when you view it from various
angles. It’s difficult not to feel awed by the elegance of this car especially
when you compare it to other competing marques.

Video – Exterior Shots

The very distinct shoulder line stretches from the back of the car, right to
the front, flush with the door handles, giving this coupe a unique, dynamic
look which is truly, indescribable. Fine details such as the mirrors are designed
to follow the curvature of lines. The rear taillights feature horizontal and
sleek LED light rods which complete the aesthetic, a futuristic and sophisticated
look that one can truly admire and appreciate.

The BMW 325 Coupe is powered by a 218bhp straight inline six engine which is
a pleasure to drive with 250nm of torque and pulls the century at 6.9 seconds.
An improved power output over its predecessors, the new 3 series is also powered
by a new engine; the Twin Turbo 3.0l in the BMW 335i Coupe has a staggering
306bhp and 400nm of torque to rush you in 5.5 seconds to the century horizon
at near M3 performance figures. Both engines max out electronically at 247 and
250km/hr respectively. However we would expect the 335i to outperform that number
easily if it was derestricted.

The interior of the Coupe is spacious and comfortable, with high quality interior
plastics which are also designed in line with the exterior, with smooth contours
which envelope technological enhancements of the inbuilt Professional Satellite
Navigation and onboard computer.

Video – Montego Blue BMW 335i

Going through the paces of getting to know the OBC (On Board Computer) was
a major feat in itself as the car was packed with more than a plethora of clever
features such as advanced climate control, Bluetooth mobile phone interface
and voice control. Accessing the system through the iDrive knob was intuitive
and simple, with click feedback signifying the end to a menu dropdown and continuation.
There were some moments when accessing the GPS was a tad mind-boggling with
the multiple icons without a clear description of sorts. Fortunately, usage
of the other features was relatively easier and fuss-free.

The coupe seats up to 4 full grown adults easily. Ride comfort was definitely
not compromised for the rear seat passengers. Access to the rear seats was made
much easier with BMW’s comfort entry system which allows one to easily
pull and leverage the front seat forward with minimal effort.

An innovative feature which eradicates most coupe owners’ problems would
be the automatic seat belt handover. This nifty device slides seamlessly out
of a clean opening in the B-pillars and draws the seatbelt towards the driver,
within easy reach. Only upon detection of another passenger is the other seat
belt handover activated.

The press car was also equipped with comfort access system, a keyless entry
which never requires you to fumble around to lock the car manually when you
are around a meter away. A pull on the door handle automatically unlocks and
grants you access, and leaving the car with the key still in your pocket will
still allow you to lock the Coupe with a gentle tap on the door handle.

At this point, we were honestly wondering what type of brain food BMW is feeding
their genius engineers with.

Video – BMW Coupe (e92) Cruising On Expressway

Putting the car through its paces on tight twisty roads really showed how well
the car performed in terms of poise and agility as it easily holds through bends
without subjecting the driver to any surprises. Steering is firm and precise,
often following with the right foot edging and pushing the Coupe further and
faster into each passing corner, with the engine breaking out in a sonorous
bellow. It was quite a breathtaking ride even for a car fitted with the often
debated run-flat tires.

On the straights, the coupe doesn’t seem to stop pulling until the passing
scenery becomes a rapid passing blur, at which point just before reckless abandon,
you slow down and appreciate the speeding beast transmogrify into a almost silent
and luxurious cruiser. The 325i obviously isn’t a M3 wannabe nor does
it try to be. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a much serious rush, we would
recommend the 335i for the performance driving purist.

BMW has seemed to design their latest Coupe with a holistic viewpoint for a
very specific target group of people – those who relish the joy of how a BMW
drives, and embrace the essence of a solidly built and well-balanced car that
isn’t over the top while still retaining its classy edge. And as with
Aristotle’s “Everything in moderation..”, the BMW 325i Coupe
is definitely a shining example of what a modern and stylish 2 door coupe should
be, and by far what most other marques are still aiming to achieve.

Much thanks to the great people at Performance
for providing us the test car.

BMW 325i Coupe (E92) Technical Specifications

BMW 325i Coupe (E92) Standard Equipment

For more details and to book a testdrive (we know you want
one), visit their showroom at:

Performance Centre
BMW Showroom

315 Alexandra Road
Performance Centre
Singapore 159944
Tel: +65 6319 0100
Fax: +65 6474 7770

Sime Darby Centre
BMW Showroom
896 Dunearn Road, #01-01
Singapore 589472
Tel: +65 6319 0500

Website: Performance
Motors Ltd

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