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Sustainably sourced steel: Pioneering in BMW Neue Klasse

The road to greener transportation doesn’t only mean cutting the CO2 emissions from vehicles. It also means sourcing resources sustainably and streamlining the production process. Due to a partnership with Swedish start-up H2 Green Steel, BMW’s future Neue Klasse vehicles will begin using sustainably produced steel.

Sustainably sourced steel: Pioneering in BMW Neue Klasse

The Swedish company will be in charge of supplying steel that is 100% fossil-free, as reported by the Bavarian automaker. This means that they will manufacture its steel using hydrogen and solely green power generated from renewable sources. Such a new process would result in a 95% reduction in production-related CO2 emissions. In addition, the two companies will work closely together to create a complete steel loop. In this, H2 will return the steel leftovers from BMW production locations for recycling.

“We aim to minimise CO2 emissions by two million tonnes by 2030 in our steel supply chain,” says Dr Andreas Wendt. He is a member of the BMW AG Board of Management responsible for Purchasing and Supplier Network. He also believes that sourcing steel made using hydrogen and renewable energy can help achieve this. The importance of steel in automobile production will not diminish in the future. Our capacity to minimise CO2 emissions in our steel supply chain depends on innovative technologies that enable essentially carbon-free steel manufacturing.”

Sustainably sourced steel: Pioneering in BMW Neue Klasse

However, what’s interesting is that H2 Green Steel is still under construction. Because of this new deal, the firm is now expanding its steel manufacturing facility in northern Sweden. It’s not as if the site just happened to be there. That’s where you’ll find some of the world’s greatest iron ore, as well as clean, renewable energy options like hydropower and wind. And the hydrogen used in the production process is likewise obtained through sustainable means. Stay tuned to learn more news about the Neue Klasse.

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