A Few New Upgrades for the BMW X6 and BMW 6 Series GT

This July, a few new upgrades will take place for the BMW X6 and BMW 6 Series GT. During its trend, BMW used to make the Gran Turismo cars as a replacement to Touring and Sedan models. While customers of the 5 Series and 3 Series models do not have a GT choice today, it was possible in the past. However, we still have the only GT left in the 6 Series range today. It’s no other than the BMW 6 Series GT. While it is already available for a long time now, it gets a few new upgrades starting this summer.

Offering the same standards of comfort as a 7 Series, the BMW 6 Series GT is designed to be a cozy cruiser. Aside from the similar suspensions, these two series models also offer more room in the back. While some might not like its exterior design, the 6 Series GT still offers quite a great proposal because of the essence it brings to potential customers. However, the unit is still a Bimmer and it should be capable of handling like one. This is the reason why BMW aims to upgrade some of its feature very soon. For the first time, the 6 Series GT will offer M multifunctional seats.

This new optional feature will start this July. Offering great side support when riding in the corners, this seat option will have optimized side and shoulder support and integrated headrests. The electrically operated adjustment of the sitting position is also part of the M multifuctional seats. Headrest height, thigh support, backrest angle, and backrest width also come with this new feature.

On the other hand, the BMW X6 is a much more familiar car on public roads. It will also receive some few new tricks this summer. One of these include the option to let it wear the Piemont Red metallic color. A new visual accent also aims to highlight the BMW X6’s interior and its sporting flair. For the Sports Activity Coupe, a standard equipment will include a BMW M anthracite roof liner.

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