BMW’s Tech Revolution: No More Facelifts, Just Techlifts!

BMW is transforming its game, ditching the traditional facelift for a revolutionary “Techlift.” In the past, facelifts focused on looks and a few engine tweaks, but BMW is now prioritizing constant tech upgrades, especially during iDrive transitions.

According to Frank Weber, BMW’s R&D boss, facelifts are history. He emphasizes the vital role of over-the-air (OTA) updates, allowing BMW to upgrade cars post-production. The future? More frequent OTA updates, reshaping how BMW progresses its models.

The Neue Klasse EVs arriving in 2025 mark a technological pinnacle. The EVs set a new standard for tech in BMW’s lineup, featuring iDrive 10 (or maybe iDrive X) and the groundbreaking Panoramic Vision—a dashboard-wide head-up display.

In a departure from tradition, these EVs ditch the instrument cluster and iDrive controller. Weber clarifies: that it’s a “refinement of operations,” not minimalism. Instead, expect haptic buttons on the steering wheel, redefining how certain functions are controlled. The Techlift era symbolizes BMW’s commitment to leading automotive technology—where digital connectivity and electric mobility redefine the driving experience.

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