BMW’s Neue Klasse Family to Redefine Automotive Technology

BMW took the automotive world by storm at the 2023 CES with the unveiling of the Neue Klasse concept, the i Vision Dee. This futuristic masterpiece offers a thrilling preview of BMW’s new design direction. More details and car previews will be released at Munich’s IAA. Rendering artists like Nicolás Cavero (@futurecarsnow) imagined potential designs for the Neue Klasse, but the final production car may differ from these renderings.

The i Vision Dee’s design sets the tone for future BMW production models. The car features a glass-covered kidney grille extending across its width, housing the complete lighting system with iconic angel eyes. The front end incorporates production-ready elements like a protruding bumper with a modest air intake and various sensors.

The side view reflects a minimalist approach, blending futuristic elements with classic BMW sedan aesthetics. The roof line emphasizes the comfort and elegance of a 3 Series, while the classic Hoffmeister kink adds a touch of tradition. However, the rendering omits the digital display on the i Vision Dee. It also showcases distinct details, including a black panel beneath the window frame, flush door handles, and sleek mirrors. At the rear, a striking design element emerges a split horizontal black panel mirroring the front kidneys, accompanied by unconventional taillights resembling angel eyes.

While this rendering remains a design exercise, it hints at elements that may find their way into the production version. BMW’s Chief Technical Officer, Frank Weber, emphasized that the Neue Klasse models won’t share components with existing models. It means having a completely new architecture. Stay tuned for more news at IAA Munich this September!

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