Waka waka Makarapa! MINI mingles with the fans of the world championship in South Africa

Press Release, June 22, 2010

Munich/South Africa.The MINI Countryman in its typical way of being wears the popular and individually created hardhat and mixes up with the soccer fans in South Africa. If you believed the Vuvuzela had been the craziest South African fan article, you were wrong! Next to the famous plastic-trumpet, the Makarapa is the top-football-item in South Africa.

For those not familiar with this design innovation, a Makarapa is a workman’s safety helmet that has been completely remodelled and customised according to the individual tastes of the football supporter wearing it. Each handcrafted, colourfully painted headdress is worn with pride and becomes an artwork in its own right.

Makarapa literally translated means ‘Migrant Worker’ and gains its origin from the safety helmets worn by the migrant labourers working in the gold mines of Johannesburg.

In short, the story goes that in 1979 – the year MINI turned 20 – Alfred Boloyi was in the stands watching a football match when a friend was hit on the head by a flying bottle. For protection, Alfred wore a workman’s helmet to the next game, which he painted in the colours of his team. The headgear was an instant hit.

From humble beginnings – just like MINI – the Makarapa has grown into a style institution: unique, quirky and an extension of its owner’s individual personality. The “true” combination of a crazy South African football style does not only consist of the much sought Vuvuzelas, indeed the exotically created Makarapas can be added. So it is obvious that MINI follows this style and creates its own Makarapa-design in South Africa.

“Waka waka” – This time for Africa!

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