#BMWWorldSG kicks off with the BMW iX3 and the M3 / M4 Competitions.

While the rest of the local automotive World has taken a backseat due to “reasons”, BMW Asia and Performance Motors Singapore have decided to instead grace us petrol-heads with #BMWWorldSG. A showcase of BMW’s latest machines both virtually via an online digital showroom, and in the real world at Performance Motors and Performance Munich Auto.

While there will be quite a number of cars on show in both realms (like the much anticipated Category A COE’d BMW 116i), key highlights of the event include the ASEAN premiere of the BMW iX3 and the arrival of the hot M siblings, the BMW M3 Competition Sedan and BMW M4 Competition Coupé. All showcase across a number of themed zones for you to enjoy. We’d recommend seeing them in real life.

While the iX3 might not look radically different (except for those crazy wheels) from the X3s upon which it was based, it does play an important role bringing a more “mainstream” EV vehicle to the market. Prices are yet to be confirmed but word on the grapevine point to a “competitive” number. With a claimed 460km of range available on a full charge, would the fully electric iX3 be the car to finally tip more local buyers into the EV world once it’s released?

The BMW 116i might not be the one (hehe) to set most drivers’ hearts of fire but it is quite possibly one of the most important cars to arrive in our local market because here, is (finally) once again a BMW that slots into the hotly contested Category A COE segment. It might be the entry level entree into the brand but it doesn’t skimp on features, coming equipped with BMW’s Live Cockpit Professional system, two 10.25-inch screens and the Parking Assistant package including the Reversing Assistant. It also has some snazzy looking fabric seats!

These base model BMWs have always remained great to drive and are usually packaged better than their next door neighbours, so I hope this 116i does well. I personally can’t wait to drive it. The big high-powered hard-hitting cars might be fun but these entry level Beemers have a real-world appeal that cannot be ignored.

Speaking of which, a quick stroll down towards Performance Munich Autos will allow you to have a look at this dynamic duo. The M3 and M4, both launch editions in 510 hp Competition spec.

While the M4 is featured here in a very searing Sao Paolo Yellow launch colour, it is the Isle of Man Green M3 that looked to be the more aggressive one. From almost every angle, the new M3 cuts a very serious and muscular figure. Special mention goes to the rear wheel arches purposefully protruding out just after the rear door shut lines.

Inside the M3’s choice colour options are on show once again with a beautiful orange hide contrasting beautifully with the exterior, a rather modern take on the classic British Green over tan perhaps?

If coupes are more your ‘thang, then here is the M4 Competition spec in the aforementioned Sao Paolo Yellow. It is bright! Perhaps yet again, another take on a blast from the past, the E46 M3’s Phoenix Yellow? Or even, the 2002’s Golf yellow?

The striking nature of the M4’s colour doesn’t just stop once you open the door as the almost denim-like Yas Marina Blue leather with yellow accents further shocks your senses. For those complaining about manufacturers only producing boring shades, here you go!

These cars are of course not the only notable autos on show as BMW Asia and Performance Motors have prepared a lengthy lineup of Bavarian’s best to whet your automotive appetite for a day. So now that we’ve given you a taste, it’s time for you to head over to #BMWWorldSG for the full fat course.

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