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WTS: E46 320 facelift de-mod


Well-Known Member
Hi guys,

Finally time to demod my trusty e46. Let me know if you are interested in the following parts if there are even anyone still driving a e46 :(. Prices should be v low to entice anyone with a couple of years left on their e46 to consider:

1. M3 Steering wheel with paddles, tri-color stitch with necessary brackets - $250 need swop for only Y-plate on steering wheel cos my stock m steering is missing the plastic Y-Plate:)). (*Reserved by Evan*)
2. M gear knob (got a scratch) - $100 (*Reserved by Evan*)
3. Sebring exos muffler with cert - $200 (*SOLD to nice 320 coupe owner*)
4. JIC Cross coilovers very new - $800 - no need swop (found my stock ones)
5. OZ Ultraleggara 18" rims (no rash i think) staggered black with good hankook evo 12 tires and free Front 6 pots BBK - $1000 - need swop for stock wheels and front stock brakes
6. CF M3 Bonnet with CF Grilles - $188 ( got C3P0's stains:furious:, no need swop but need to help carry stock bonnet from my home to workshop for swop) (*not selling anymore :p*)
7. Robson super-expensive interior CF trimmings and gear knob - $250 need swop except knob
8. V new Hurricane air filter - $70 no need swop (found my stock)
9. CF Sway bar - $50 (*reserved for Fangrong*)
10. H&N anti-roll bars - $50 (off car already) (*reserved for Fangrong*)
11. Hotchkis anti-roll bars adjustable - $50 need swop
12. M3 CF (some de-coloring) Side mirrors with heaters and retractable, with motors and buttons modules - $100 need swop (*Reserved by Evan*)
13. State-machine module (for activating/de-activating paddles without pushing gear knob to tiptronic mode) - $100 (need labour cost to remove, no need swop) (*Reserved by Evan*)
14. LED Rear lights clusters - $50 no need stock swop
15. KNN air filter - $70 no need swop (found it in storeroom, need oiling and cleaning)

View attachment 55522
View attachment 55523
View attachment 55524
View attachment 55525
View attachment 55526

All items still on car (unless otherwise stated) will need you to pay swop labour costs.

Need to clear them out by 9 Oct latest likely at R2D. If those who expressed interest but too slow in communicating i will pass the parts to the next interested buyer without notice. Do your part and i will do mine.

Whatsapp or sms me at 81578368. Lowballers are welcome to get stains from C3P0. Price negotiable where it is negotiable.

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Re: WTS: E46 320 facelift de-mod


Re: WTS: E46 320 facelift de-mod

Bump for handsome seller!
Re: WTS: E46 320 facelift de-mod

Sad to see another E46 retiring. BUMPZ for your sale.
Re: WTS: E46 320 facelift de-mod

What car u changing to?
Re: WTS: E46 320 facelift de-mod

Volvo s80...:naughty:....no $$$ like you guys....
Re: WTS: E46 320 facelift de-mod

Nice E46 bmw ride bro

Volvo cars are renowned to be safe ... Also not cheap ( based on high dep per year and spare parts plus servicing )

Anyway different people have different needs :)
Re: WTS: E46 320 facelift de-mod

Bump for Lance aka Han Solo. Honest seller.
Re: WTS: E46 320 facelift de-mod

Lane;1038500 said:
Volvo s80...:naughty:....no $$$ like you guys....

Wow, S80, big brother Volvo, toughest metal, dont play play....
Re: WTS: E46 320 facelift de-mod

Posted photos....finally figured out how to do this.

I will be handing over the car next mon/tues.

Quite a few people have enquired, pls note i am not free to drive up to JB for swop. I don't swop parts for a living.

Some have cherry picked only the cheap stuffs but i will prioritise to the one who take the most items and will give him/her further reduction.

Re: WTS: E46 320 facelift de-mod

bumps for the items. all going a very good price.
Re: WTS: E46 320 facelift de-mod

Updated parts list. Just sold Sebring to a nice 320 CI Coupe owner. Happy to see some bro actually renewing their e46 COE.
Re: WTS: E46 320 facelift de-mod

Updated sales status.

Most items sold or reserved. Get the rest quickly as car will be left at workshop for demod only on wed morning.


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