Spare tyre for E90


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Hi guys.

Driving up North.

Do u know where I can get a spare tyre (tyre, rim and tools ie jack etc) kit for my e90 (pre-fl)?


I'm thinking of getting one of those emergency roadside liquids that repair punctured tyres. Should I get a Honta or BMW mobility kit?

Btw I've already read/searched forum on this. Need more info.

Thanks for your help! :)
Re: Spare tyre for E90

Can loan a sore tyre from your tyre dealer. I bought 2 honta but never used so no idea of its effectiveness.
Re: Spare tyre for E90

I would get a mobility kit and borrow a spare tire from the tire shop. Use the mobility as a last resort cos it leave a messy inner coat in the tire and rim.
Re: Spare tyre for E90

Thanks guys. I'm gonna bring my old 18" tyre + rim. Hope won't need to use it.
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