Restaurant rant!!!!


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Yesterday evening, I went to a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner. When the server brings my bowl there's only soup and veggies and so I tell her: You pho-got my noodles! #truestory

ok.... rant over
Re: Restaurant rant!!!!

Try pad thai. I enjoyed my dinner leh.
Re: Restaurant rant!!!!

DTF xiao long bao :thumbsup: ...
where is the xiao long nu pix
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Re: Restaurant rant!!!!

wt_know said:
DTF xiao long bao where is the xiao long nu pix

Here here ................
Re: Restaurant rant!!!!

eat noodles for wat? does ur car have 6WB?
Re: Restaurant rant!!!!

The Guardian said:
Eh.. what is that blue thingy??

What blue thingy?

jasonmaxima said:
@meek.... dun be hijacking the phorum....btw, the food was awphol

Phock you lah, getting too stale for this phorum liao.
Re: Restaurant rant!!!!

Sorry to hijack, but can anyone recommend a good car wash? Oilman asked frm Korea
Re: Restaurant rant!!!!

Red_Bean_Bun said:
Nam Nam is quite good ....

Wheelock's? I find it has been customed to suit other Asian consumers. Still miss Pho Hoa.
Re: Restaurant rant!!!!

Didn't know they have 3 branches !!!
Re: Restaurant rant!!!!

Pho is just thin kway teow, why u all describe like its some exotic food?

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