My e92 dsc / dbc failure.


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Hi bros, my e92 recently has this dsc / Dbc failure issue.
It comes out on and off . Sometimes it comes on in a middle of the drive , but it went back to normal again next morning. When it happens , my car will also take a longer crank sound to start , and the engine also tends to die off easily when I'm waiting at the traffic lights . And definitely I also can a auto power cut from the engine .
Anybody can advise me ?
Re: My e92 dsc / dbc failure.

Get it repaired.
Re: My e92 dsc / dbc failure.

Your best bet is to go PML or MA. They r the experts
Re: My e92 dsc / dbc failure.

thanks for the reply. i just check on the battery and altenator, both are working fine.
could it be my jb4?
Re: My e92 dsc / dbc failure.

Pull the codes ...... And post it here will help with the problem.

Let me know if you need help.
Re: My e92 dsc / dbc failure.

Software updated ?

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