i3 - Will you buy one?


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Bros and Sisters,

As we are aware soon i3 will be making its way into our shores......you will buy trade in your car for electric?

Learned from internet, i3 is a short distance car and BMW will load you (FOC?) for long distance travel. Will this apply in Singapore?

Any comments?

BMW i3 (Are you born electric?)
Re: i3 - Will you buy one?

next time the forum chat especially when talking about electric cars will not be 'what is your f/c'
Re: i3 - Will you buy one?

still demand n want to have good old-fashioned fossil-fuelled piston con-rods crank cams dps open-exhaust force-fed engined soul-full exos cars!
not prissy electric-driven stuff.
Re: i3 - Will you buy one?

what is load you?
Re: i3 - Will you buy one?

whats the voltage per km? or wattage? or ampier.....whatever...
Re: i3 - Will you buy one?

What's wrong with petrol?
Re: i3 - Will you buy one?

I think i3 is for tree hugging environmental idealist.
confirm cannot go Malaysia.
the moment you start the car you will feel stressed because you have to keep worrying about range and recharging.
Re: i3 - Will you buy one?

Where is best car wash for i3?
Re: i3 - Will you buy one?

IMHO 2-cyl engine = 2-wheelers.
'REAL' 4-wheelers must have at least 4-cyl n....preferably force-fed.
Re: i3 - Will you buy one?

Mockngbrd;1022277 said:
actually the i3 does come with an option to have an additional 650cc range-extending two-cylinder engine.

can always znnng

Its just not cute enuf for me.
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Re: i3 - Will you buy one?

Good for fetching children from child care....gonna get one for my parents if i3 is here.
Re: i3 - Will you buy one?

If you stay in landed property, no issue.

If you stay in HDB/Condo, forget about.

In order to charge quickly, high current charging port is required. Only possible to install in landed property unless office next to City Sq or Ikea.
Re: i3 - Will you buy one?

Definitely "no". Most of new cars from BMW are crap!

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