Honda S660: A new Beat?


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Honda to Go Small, Gas-Powered at Tokyo Motor Show - Japan Real Time - WSJ

CAT A COE! Is small the way to go?





Making its debut will be the Honda S660 small concept sports convertible, the design of which evolved from the EV Ster electric car unveiled at the previous show two years ago.

The S660′s designer, Ryo Sugiura, boasts of a completely new concept to entice younger customers and seniors looking for a second car to drive around on weekends. He shrugged off speculation it will be a rehash of the Honda Beat, a smashingly popular mini convertible of the early 1990′s.

“Some people might think this will be the remodeled version of the Beat. But it is not. This is totally brand new,” Mr. Sugiura said.

The new, two-seater powered by 660-cc gasoline engine will be the basis of a new small car that Chief Executive Takanobu Ito says the company will bring to market next year.

It is unlikely the S660 will feature the all-electric powertain from the EV-Ster, which had electric motors in each of the rear wheels, but its nomenclature suggests it uses the same 660cc turbo charged three-cylinder from the Japenese-only N-One minicar.

Alongside the S660, Honda has also confirmed a near production version of its revived NSX will be displayed at the Tokyo show as well as a showroom-ready baby SUV based on the Urban SUV concept that was revealed at the Detroit motor show in January.
Re: Honda S660: A new Beat?

Happened to think about the prelude this morning.
Most jap manufacturers offering are getting more and more boring.

Luckily there are this S660 and the KOPEN to spice thing up a little
Re: Honda S660: A new Beat?

powersteer;1045811 said:
and 64ps? Next!

Power is not everything. If they make this RWD, it wld be a really nice car to drive with it's short wheel base.

These little turbocharged kei cars have plenty of torque and with it's low curb weight, they can be a hoot to drive!
Re: Honda S660: A new Beat?

I really really like this one. Cat A COE!!! And looks really really good.


[h=2]Designed for the Japanese kei-car market[/h] Honda has unveiled the S660 concept on the eve of the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

With the S660 concept Honda is providing a preview of an upcoming kei-car for the Japanese market that will go on sale sometime in 2015. It looks as if they designed the car by taking many styling cues from the EV-STER concept showcased two years ago at the same motor show. Honda removed the electric powertrain of the EV-STER and replaced it with a 3-cylinder 660cc turbo engine rated at 64 bhp (48 kW) sent via a seven-speed CVT.

The production version will feature a fully retractable roof and will be sold exclusively in Japan. There are some reports indicating Honda plans to sell the car in other areas of the world with a turbocharged 1.0-liter engine outputting 100 bhp (74 kW).

Source: Honda
Re: Honda S660: A new Beat?

Oh my... FR~!

Reported prior to its unveiling as production-bound in 2015, the S660 Concept is persuaded by a tuned version of the Honda N-Box’s engine (N-Box is a kei car from Honda). A turbocharged 660cc engine producing 64 bhp @ 6,000 rpm and 104 Nm @ 2,600 rpm spins the rear wheels, and is driven through a seven-speed CVT transmission. The car is reported to have an almost perfect 50:50 front:rear weight distribution and will tip the scales at under 907 kg.
Re: Honda S660: A new Beat?

concept car ... production car could be less sexy ... always
Re: Honda S660: A new Beat?

I was wrong, not FR, but MR!

wt_know;1050657 said:
concept car ... production car could be less sexy ... always

Honda's S2000 was pretty close


I think the S660 should be quite near to production prototype stage.

The original concept was this one

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