Ear defenders for children


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Hi, has anyone brought their children to see F1 before?
I will be bringing my 9yo daughter and want to buy ear defenders for her.
Anyone has any idea where I can get them other than the Rev-on shops?
Re: Ear defenders for children

They do sell the race pack at the entrance. It consist of ear plugs and poncho. Last time it was sold for $2. Not sure how much this year though.
Re: Ear defenders for children

Thanks, but ear plugs are useless I think... am looking for ear defenders/muffs
Re: Ear defenders for children

Huh ear plugs are useless?
Re: Ear defenders for children

Calling tofumonkey to share his expertise on noise management.
Re: Ear defenders for children

For children, it might not be feasible to use earplugs that we adults use as we are not able to ensure a proper fit and the child might not be able to know whether it has plugged up the ears properly. So ear defenders or ear muffs specially for children would be more ideal.

I tried to google but was only able to find ear plugs for children. Try earplugs.sg. They are locally based and might have a solution for you.
Re: Ear defenders for children

peckhs;1035250 said:
ear plugs good enough?

Do buy a spare set. kids like to fiddle with them and may lose it.
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