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E60 Supersprint LTA approved exhuast & M5 kit FS


Well-Known Member
Entire E60 rear makeover for sale.

1. LTA Approved Supersprint twin muffler box
2. Genuine matching Supersprint twin tips to achieve quad effect
3. M5 style rear bumper
4. Matching M5 style side skirts
5. All receipts and certs and LTA approval documents

Spent more than 3k+ excluding spray and labour, now going for $1500 for everything and you pay for labour, and I will need your stock E60 PFL bumper and sideskirts to swap with mine. Black needed, obviously. I don't need your exhaust as I have my stock muffler, you keep that so that you can dekit in future.

Serious buyers only please, Supersprint note is much nicer (IMHO) than the Remus and obviously quality is there. View via photos and hear the sound via youtube search... Once sale is confirmed just meet at workshop to do the swap directly. Sounds gorgeous and reason for sale is that I'm progressively dekitting the car as COE is coming up soon.

Thanks for viewing.

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Re: E60 Supersprint LTA approved exhuast & M5 kit FS

Hi bro , any chances just to buy your item 1 and 4 only , pls SMS 97995204 to discuss thx !
Re: E60 Supersprint LTA approved exhuast & M5 kit FS

If Algino is taking 1 & 4 can I take 3? I can swap my less than a year old AC Schnitzer rear bumper already cut to take quad exhaust. Let me know cost thanks
Re: E60 Supersprint LTA approved exhuast & M5 kit FS

Currently entire setup of kit and exhaust reserved by a forummer - who is now checking compatibility as my car is a PFL 530i (2004).
Re: E60 Supersprint LTA approved exhuast & M5 kit FS

Do keep me posted though. Mine is PFL as well!

Btw, is that m5 side mirrors in your pic? Are you selling any other parts?

Do pm me your contact. Or text me at 9227 9009 bro!

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