Commendation to Elebest and J's Magic


Top notch customer service from Max and Leslie.

I have reserved the front PDC from Max and M-Perf Kit from Leslie for my F30. The front bumper of the M-Perf has to be pre-drilled so as to instal the front PDC. However, i do not wish to have a few "holes" on my F30 prior to getting the front PDC from Max and i am unsure when will the front PDC arrived.

What i wanted: my itchy backside to want the M-perf kit installed (to look nice nice... :eek:)


1. Stock has yet to arrive
2. I do not want "holes" on my kit prior to install sensor
3. sensor that is matching color has yet to arrive


4. Leslie contacted Max to find out the measurements
5. Max has stock for sensor but different color (my color code is 476, Black Saphire Metallic)
6. Leslie offered to spray the sensor to the same color (since my M-Perf kit need to spray also)
7. Max deliver the sensor to Leslie on the day itself (Wednesday) as i want to fit my kit on Thursday!

ps: Elebest office is at WCEGA and J's Magic is at Bedok!!!

Awesome customer service!

I shall post the before and after picture once i install the kit!

Thanks Max and Leslie for the great customer service!

Clause: if i dun get to install my kit or no sensor tomorrow, i will re-title the post to "Lousy" service from E****** and J'* ***** LOL :twisted:
Re: Commendation to Elebest and J's Magic

Yah both Max n Leslie....very good customer service
Re: Commendation to Elebest and J's Magic

I also like max friendly service and can discuzz when last time I go install my m5 steering wheel. Is a best professional programmer ! Like
Re: Commendation to Elebest and J's Magic

Leslie is who?....
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ps...u go sqeeze his backside...until he song! he will less $50/

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