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HONG KONG - A runner was hailed as "Super Ironwoman" after she plunged into Hong Kong's typhoon-whipped waters to save a drowning man, the local media reported.

Ms Louise Chow was jogging along the waterfront on Wednesday when she spotted dozens of people gathering to watch the attempted rescue of a man from Victoria Harbour, where the waters were being churned by gusts of more than 100kmh.

The man was unable to hold on to a lifebuoy thrown out by two passers-by.

"I don't know why I suddenly had such an urge to take off my shoes and socks - and then I dived in," Ms Chow, a diving coach, told Apple Daily in a video posted on its website.

Clutching a lifesaver, she grabbed the man and pulled him to land. Dramatic pictures in the local media yesterday showed other rescuers helping to hoist him from the water.

The 24-year-old man, surnamed Cheung, who had reportedly tried to commit suicide, was crying, video footage showed.

"He said, 'I want to die, I want to die... I have nothing now, I came to Hong Kong alone, I have nothing,'" said Ms Chow, who stayed by the man's side until emergency services arrived.

He was rushed to hospital, where he was in a stable condition, the media reported.

The police said the man, reportedly from neighbouring Shenzhen, had a record of mental illness.

Ms Chow suffered cuts on her calf from an oyster shell, and she received medical treatment at the pier before resuming her 3km run, The Standard newspaper said.

Witnesses dubbed her "Super Ironwoman", the English daily reported, adding that she played a part in a previous rescue in Hong Kong involving novice divers.

She had rescued five new divers who had become separated and did not have enough air, while she was diving in the Ninepin Group, or Kwo Chau Islands, in Hong Hong's eastern-most waters.
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This type can last very long in bed, based on my professional experience.
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kenntona;1023582 said:
This type can last very long in bed, based on my professional experience.

yeap.. her singlet tells it all..
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Sometimes it's better to have two women attending...
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Ahwing;1023599 said:
yeap.. her singlet tells it all..

Tats where ahwing always beo............. hehehe
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ipoh-horfun said:
Rosalyn last time dun wear bra at home.... I use to visit them as a child

XIONG leh ?
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Darth Vader;1023740 said:
LKY should invite her to be a Singaporean.

Think he rather invite the young PRC who anyhow park the Maserati

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