Brembos vs Alcons on E9x M3


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Has anyone had experience with both sets of brakes? I am looking to purchase a set at some stage and am looking for comments on both brake kits (preferably from someone who has tried both).

I previously had Alcons on my old ride and they were super bitey - which was a good and bad.
They were 4 pots though, so not sure if the 6 pot Alcon Super kit calipers are a lot more progressive.
Never had the chance to try Brembos though.

Comments are much appreciated. Thanks
Re: Brembos vs Alcons on E9x M3

As far as i know, Brembos are progressive braking and Alcons are super bitey. Given to me i would like the Alcon (IMHO) as i like close distance brake..
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