$3 Mee Pok pay with $1-Million


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Man faints from tiredness after carrying around change in coins as he paid with a $1,000,000 note for $3 mee pok.

A practical joke he created for mee pok seller and got himself into trouble?

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A man fainted this afternoon at Amoy Street Food Centre after receiving $999,997 in coins as change for buying a $3 bowl of mee pok.

This after the man paid the mee pok seller with a $1 million note.

Witnesses said the the mee pok seller was quite apologetic as it took him seven hours to count the exact amount of change, which was retrieved from his stall’s cupboard.

Tong Lui Kong, the mee pok seller said: “Sorry it took quite long but I always make sure I don’t short change my customer.”

To make up for the man’s faintedness, the mee pok seller gave him one additional fishball at no additional charge.
Re: $3 Mee Pok pay with $1-Million

Why does it say this note is not legal tender?
Re: $3 Mee Pok pay with $1-Million

The signature is by someone called GO GET REAL.

Wah satki
Re: $3 Mee Pok pay with $1-Million

If this was some other forum, someone would say "it's true, I am the fish ball". Lol
Re: $3 Mee Pok pay with $1-Million

SpoiltBrat;1045371 said:
The signature is by someone called GO GET REAL.

Wah satki
Wah, u have sharp eye and broke the prank :p

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