BMW XM Label Red Debuts as 2024 MotoGP Safety Car

BMW revealed a stunning new Safety Car at the 2023 MotoGP season finale. Franciscus Van Meel, BMW M CEO, and Francesco Bagnaia, the 2023 BMW M Award winner, introduced the BMW XM Label Red Safety Car. It replaces the 2022 BMW M3 Competition Safety Car. The BMW XM Label Red heralds an exciting new era as the 2024 MotoGP Safety Car. This car is a first in high-performance vehicles, leading premier motorcycle racing with an electric drivetrain.

During the Valencia season finale on Saturday, Dorna and BMW M CEOs, including van Meel, proudly unveiled the BMW XM Label Red Safety Car. This new safety marvel is set to debut in Qatar at the opening round of the 2024 season in March. Tailored for MotoGP, the BMW XM Label Red has specialized safety features. This includes the additional flashing front lights, a front splitter, and a safety vehicle roof bar. Recaro seats, a six-point racing harness, and a fire extinguisher are also safety features. In March 2024, the BMW XM Label Red MotoGP Safety Car will make its first track appearance. The XM is adorned with the iconic BMW M livery.

In 2024, BMW M GmbH will mark its 26th year as the “Official Car of MotoGP.” Ezpeleta notes that the company has consistently leveraged its technological advancements to bolster safety at racetracks. Among the array of high-performance vehicles in MotoGP, the BMW XM Label Red Safety Car stands out distinctly. Anticipation is high for its track debut in Qatar.

Van Meel believes the most potent BMW M car ever should lead the MotoGP safety car fleet. He emphasized BMW’s dedication to innovation, evident in the electric motor-equipped MotoGP Safety Car. The BMW XM Label Red fuses a V8 engine with an e-motor in the 8-speed M Steptronic transmission, producing 550 kW or 748 horsepower. Its strong drivetrain and exceptional handling make it ideal for the MotoGP safety car role.

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