[Video] G-Power Reveals the G2M Limited Edition Model

G-Power reveals their latest creation in the so-called G-Power G2M Limited Edition. This G2M Limited Edition model is the typical BMW M2 Competition, teamed up with G-Power style. G-Power modifies the engine, as well as the looks of the M2 Competition. Now, the usual M2 that many seem to love looks like it is ready to burn up its wheels on every road it takes. The guys from G-Power in this new video took the M2 Competition to another level with the car’s potential.

In the last decade, many adore the BMW M2 Competition for its proven overall outstanding performance on both tracks and roads. What makes the M2 a good catch is its compact size with a pure rear-wheel drive and the possibility of an all-wheel-drive setup. This makes the M2 a rare bird nowadays in the industry. The M2 Competition is not just a powerful car, but also a good daily-use car. It may not be the fastest car in a straight line, compared to its rivals. But, the BMW M2 Competition makes it up to the lack of performance, with the amount of excitement and fun driving.

The BMW M2 is known for handling balance pretty well, so adding too much power might set it off. This makes it a bit tricky to achieve on the G-Power G2M model. However, these guys from G-Power came up with some serious numbers in the tuned M2. G-Power made its stock 410 horsepower into a crunchy 550 horsepower in the G2M Limited Edition. Its power also matches with 700 Nm of torque. It seems that this tuned M2 Competition made it more than the stock M3 and M4 Competition offers.

G-Power included other upgrades such as the new boost pipes, stainless steel exhaust system, and a new racing air filter. The G2M model also comes with a top-speed limiter delete and a crank lock. G-Power makes the exterior design with a set of G-Power tricks with the new wheels and decals set. Many have been waiting for the official release of the new M2. This G2M Limited edition might be the best way to fill in the thirst for the new compact model. However, if you are considering getting one, then you might as well be ready. G-Power will only be producing 25 units of the fine-tuned G2M Limited Edition.

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