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2023 ALPINA XB7 will also Sport a Split Headlight Design

The 2023 ALPINA XB7 will apparently wear a split headlight design – a similar design as BMW’s next-gen X7. Unfortunately, you are wrong if you thought that this new model would fix its own split-headlight design. This massive SUV from Buchloe appears somewhere for testing with the said headlight design on its front end. The early unveiling makes many enthusiasts curious about how this design will probably bring disaster.

We have already seen several unique front ends showcased by prototypes for quite some time now. For instance, the facelifted X7 will just continue the look of the approaching BMW 7 Series. How the SUV will look brings quite an of interest for many. The reason is due to how we expect a simple facelift on X7 while an extreme change on the 7 Series is apprehensible. After all, the latter is a brand new model. Facelifts usually do not bring a massive change in their designs, especially when the sales are great.

For the record, BMW makes a very odd move because the BMW X7 is selling quite well. The 2023 ALPINA XB7 also shows the same case. However, the Bovensiepen family gives no comment on how the final product would turn out. As a result, the spy shots that we will be seeing will showcase the normal ALPINA with slight touch-ups.

The changes are visible in its turbine-style wheels, side sills, in the new front bumper and the new rear bumper. The new S68 engine is also the probable engine for the upcoming ALPINA XB7. But first, this engine will make its debut on the all-new 7 Series and the facelift of the X7. The new S68 engine packs more power and will replace the N63 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine. As a result, we get to see more interesting things happen as it powers the upcoming 2023 ALPINA XB7.

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