UPDATE: Selected Android Devices Now Support BMW Digital Key

Providing a very user-friendly feature, the BMW now features BMW Digital Key that was previously only available on Apple. While it is gradually allowing greater Android device integration, Android customers will have to wait longer than Apple users to have the same level of connectivity with their BMWs.

Selected Android Devices Now Support BMW Digital Key -1

Technology-wise, this feature essentially replaces the car’s key fob with a smartphone. Locking and unlocking have never been so easy until they launch this feature. This function allows you to lock and unlock the door by simply holding the smartphone up to the door handle. Just place the smartphone in the wireless charging tray to start the car, and the vehicle will ignite. The configuration of this feature can be found in the My BMW App.

Offering a different level of convenience and practicality, this feature eliminates the need for the traditional key. The list of supported Android devices will continue to expand. But the Samsung Galaxy S21 series and Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are the only ones that are now eligible. That’s not unexpected given that those are the most popular Android devices right now.

The BMW Digital Key will gradually improve and more features from the My BMW App will launch. For example, the next upgrade, whose release date is currently uncertain, will allow users to transfer their Digital Key to up to five different people.

This is actually a very useful function because it allows you to grant someone temporary access to your car. You’re not at home, but you need someone to relocate your car? Simply phone a friend in the area and ask them to transfer it, and you may send them your key digitally.

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