Production of eDrive Components in Leipzig and Regensburg

BMW changes its play by putting efforts into the production of its future electrified cars. The industry and fans cannot wait anymore for the Brits to adapt to the electrified norm. In response to this, BMW begins producing electric car components in three manufacturing locations after the two new plants. BMW began its production of parts for the electric drivetrains of some BMW models in the Leipzig and Regensburg plants. Could this be another game changer from the Brits?

Production of eDrive Components in Leipzig and Regensburg

As of now, the Leipzig BMW Plant starts its series production of battery modules. Moreover, the Regensburg plant began coating battery cells for high-voltage batteries back in April. By 2022, the Brits also aim to produce these high-voltage batteries in Regensburg.

Senior Vice President Production Engines and E-Drives Michael Nikolaides states that it expects at least 50% fully electric cars by 2030. “We expect at least 50 percent of the vehicles we deliver to our customers worldwide to be fully electric by 2030,” says Nikolaides. “And we are systematically expanding our production network for electric drive trains in response to this.”

BMW receives 250 million Euros worth of investments for the two new plants. It is to keep the demand from the assembly lines for electric vehicles. These take part in the fifth-generation eDrive technology wave. Furthermore, the BMW iX and i4 will have these modules attached and are likely to reach dealerships in late 2021. BMW places a total of 790 million Euros of investment. It is for the expansion of production capacity for drive train components. These are for future electrified vehicles at the Regensburg, Leipzig, Steyr, and Dingolfing plants between 2020 and 2022.

Over the years, the Leipzig plant of BMW had a fascinating evolution. Its production of the BMW i3 and i8 kicked off way back in 2013. BMW will then be replacing the space used in making battery modules of the PHEV sports car. The Regensburg plant has been making these electrified cars for quite some time now. Yet, it will also be the location for the production of the future X1 EV model.

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