Cars fitted with Operating System 7 gets the new BMW News App

The new BMW News App is now available in cars running the BMW Operating System 7. According to the Bavarian brand, the app has been delivered to millions of vehicles equipped with the required hardware in the last few days. It includes an upgraded service that puts podcasts at your fingertips as an extension in providing in-car news from several sources. 

new BMW News App

Whatever news categories you choose, you can now easily pick and select anything you want to read about. This new News app allows you to customise the news stream by selecting your subjects of interest. In addition, the app’s intuitive intelligence will learn your preferences. It will then provide you with a better feed if you ‘like’ a specific post. Furthermore, you can select your content based on your favourite country and language. BMW also enhanced the audio quality for a crisper and balanced delivery of the audio.

new BMW News App

Moreover, to allow a wider range of news updates, the News app now includes more significant news providers. You can launch the feed with a single click and customise the duration of the news streams. These improvements are a result due to the client’s input. Improved audio quality, news pre-selection and intuitive operation were among the top priorities of the development team.

The new BMW News App is compatible with BMW Operating 7 vehicles. It will not also require a Remote Software update as long as you have the 20-11 version of the BMW Operating 7. Over the next several days and weeks, BMW cars that fulfill the basic requirements will automatically receive updates to the vehicle’s new News app. 

It will be available initially to customers in the European markets with the appropriate vehicles. However, BMW will then also offer the BMW News App in more countries throughout the year.

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