[VIDEO] Watch how BMW M240i Takes on Toyota GR Supra

The modification in the Toyota 86’s chassis distinguishes it from the BMW Z4, but if you have driven the two cars side by side, you’ll find they drive almost identically. Despite its name, the 2019 Toyota Supra is little more than an impostor. This car uses a BMW-developed suspension, BMW engine, ZF transmission and BMW-developed electronics. This new video comparison from The Straight Pipes, comparing the BMW M240i to the Toyota Supra, is an internal battle between the two brands.

The chassis is the only feature that differentiates the two cars. At the heart of the M240i is BMW’s rear-wheel drive architecture CLAR. As for sports cars, the Z4 and Toyota Supra are both based on a bespoke sports car chassis. The latter chassis is the better one in my opinion: It is lighter, firmer and more responsive. It’s a 3.0-litre turbocharged inline-four with 382 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. It has the same gearbox (an eight-speed ZF automatic) and almost the same interior.

The two are very different from the outside. I am one of the few BMW fans who think the new 2 Series looks great and that the M240i is every bit as impressive as the Supra in terms of engineering and design. One of the best sports cars on the market is the Toyota Supra, as its bespoke sports car chassis and incredible hips, built-in boot spoiler and double-sided roof make it one of the coolest sports cars on the market. It’s easy to criticise the Supra’s unusual looks, but that does not change the fact that it looks great.

Compared to the Supra, there is only one big difference: the Supra’s chassis. The Supra has better handling, balance and overall feel than the M240i. For comparison: I would rather drive a “Zupra” twin than an “M240i” in any situation. But what is the opinion of the hosts of The Straight Pipes? You can find out below.

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