[Video] Transformed BMW M4 CSL Dominate the Streets

The highly anticipated BMW M4 CSL has already undergone modification by the renowned tuner Manhart. BMW’s first of 1,000 M4 CSLs features a Black Sapphire bodywork with red highlights and a powerful soundtrack.

The MH4 GTR II’s carbon fiber body package and upgraded suspension give the M4 CSL a meaner pose. OEM wheels have been changed with Yidio Performance forged wheels with two red spokes.

Under the hood, Manhart has taken the twin-turbo inline-six engine to new heights, boosting power to 702 horsepower and torque to 880 Nm. The 3.0-litre mill is equipped with a stainless steel custom exhaust with quad tips measuring 110 mm in diameter. It is available in either a ceramic coating or carbon fibre finish.

While the M4 CSL’s limited availability may deter some owners from modifying their vehicles, Manhart’s build serves as a tantalising glimpse into the potential of this already impressive sports coupe. The MH4 GTR II will turn heads on the road with an aggressive design and excellent performance upgrades.

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