[VIDEO] The Nürburgring testing of BMW G80 M3

Apex Nuerburg has officially launched its Ring Taxi programme with the new BMW M3 G80. The video shows how the new M3 sedan races through the twists and turns of the thrilling, complex and yet deadly Green Hell. Of course, if the G80 M3 is not your favourite, Apex Nuerburg also offers the option of hiring a Porsche GT2RS MR or a McLaren 620R. As well as a hotel accommodation near the circuit will get you thrilled for the hot laps ahead.

The suspension and chassis of the G80 M3 were specially upgraded for use on the Nuerburgring. In addition, the suspension, trailing arms, control arms, rear differential, brakes, axles, wheels and tyres have been upgraded for use at the Ring, as you can see in the video. While commentating on the lap and staying calm, Tim from Apex is able to drive the new G80 M3 to the limit and reach incredible speeds in the corners.

The Nuerburgring taxis are very popular with fans because they give people a taste of what it’s like to drive around the ‘Ring in a very, very fast vehicle. Sabine Schmitz, a Nuerburgring legend, was the most famous ‘Ring taxi driver. The Nuerburgring’s Nordschleife is widely considered the most breathtaking, challenging and longest racecourse globally. Sabine Schmitz and her E60 M5 captivated fans for years with their immaculate laps.

Moreover, the BMW M3 G80 competes with an S58 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine that produces 510 hp. An 8-speed automatic transmission sends the power to the rear wheels. The suspension is from KW, and the tyres are Michelin. According to Apex, the G80 M3 weighs 1,730 kg.

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