[VIDEO] Check-out the BMW iX xDrive50 on Track

Even from the start, the BMW iX was not designed for racing. The iX M60 was not even developed as a race-ready model. Instead, the iX is a spacious, comfortable yet fast electric SUV. Nevertheless, BMW Korea has released a new video showing how fast and powerful the base model of the iX xDrive50 is on the race track.

It looks much better, coming out of corners quite gracefully until the traction control kicks back in, and that looks impressive for such a massive SUV. However, you might expect the body to wobble a bit, because it is an SUV after all. Unlike other SUVs with internal combustion engines, the iX’s centre of gravity is much lower thanks to its unique EV architecture and battery pack built into the floor. The results on the track show that this is the case.

The 516 hp of its two electric motors make the 2.5-tonne SUV accelerate like a sports car. Of course, it can not do that for long, because it has to bring the 2.5 tonnes back into the braking zones, which takes some time. How many laps it can manage before the brakes fail, I doubt, because the BMW iX is simply too heavy for the race track.

Still, it was impressive to see the BMW iX racing around the course. The BMW M4 Competition was eight seconds slower around the track. That’s a lot for such a short track, but not bad considering how different the two cars are in terms of performance.

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