[VIDEO] CarWow compares BMW M5 CS against BMW M3 Competition

Some better-known publishers have long-term test vehicles available. One such publication is Carwow, which has several long-term test cars. Mat Watson usually gets the really good ones to live with for a while as the main host of their videos. He has just replaced his longtimer, a BMW G80 M3 Competition in Isle of Man Green, with the much more exciting BMW M5 CS.

Undoubtedly, the M5 CS is the favourite BMW of some car enthusiasts. The BMW M5 CS is much more fun to drive and insanely fast. It is not just an M5 Competition with more power and grip. In fact, it feels like one of the best cars the M division has produced and is a completely different car. Watson compares it to his previous M3 Competition in this new Carwow video.

From what Watson has found out, they are both pretty good at drifting. Then he compares the design, the interior and the handling. Surprisingly, Watson prefers the front end of the M3 to that of the M5, which is unusual for him. In addition, he also likes the aggressive look of the M3.

But how do they feel when you ride them one after the other? In every aspect, the M5 CS outperforms the M3 Competition. The M5 CS is not your average M5. Even if it is strange that the heavier, more complex, more luxurious car performs better in a driving dynamics test than the smaller, lighter, less complicated car. According to Watson, there is something distinctive about the handling of the M5 CS that it can not match, no matter how good the M3 Competition is.

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